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The industry today requires agencies and brands to create new models, to thrive, not just survive. The Business Model Company designs and implements agency business models and brand marketing departments, with true partnership at core. We lead model change programmes creating enviable success and growth.

why change

realise greater value

Legacy models and behaviours on both sides are no longer fit for purpose, limiting innovation, creativity and new value. Agencies are working harder for less while hiring increasingly expensive talent in a bid to stay relevant. For their part, brands are relying on capabilities, processes and partners designed for a customer world that’s been left behind. There are few winners.

What to change?

focus on value. on both sides.

For agencies, to be paid for the value delivered takes far-reaching change. From more relevant consultative and productised models, to offering clients a choice of remuneration models, to supporting them with future-proofed operating systems designed to drive margins on both sides.
For brands, to grow through better marketing, demands new and optimised capabilities, smarter ways of working, innovative tools, progressive partners and value based remuneration models. Above all, sustainable value on both sides can only be delivered by standing closer together. Agencies and brands must align strategically and commercially to drive growth & creativity.

global programs

Engage with us for three reasons

  • Turnaround

    Maximise value in your current model

  • Transition

    Create and capture greater value with a new model

  • Scale

    Accelerate business growth


“The Business Model Company has been invaluable in helping our business implement the change required to realise the potential of our new marketing operations models. Great thinking is one thing, but The Business Model Company has also helped us execute at scale brilliantly. They are true partners.”
Giles Morrison
Global VP, Brand Communications Excellence
"The fast-changing media landscape necessitates a more agile, data-driven, technology-powered approach using new commercial models. The Business Model Company helped us define a new vision and to build the blueprint to achieve this. We built a new client engagement model and undertook commercial re-modelling. The next phase involves new products to market the new commercial benefits to our clients and a new operating model. The Business Model Company are trusted partners that I have worked with for many years, largely in organisations which are undergoing wholesale change. They bring huge amounts of knowledge and expertise that we would not get from within our own organisation and for me personally, are the counsel to make sure we keep on track."
Amanda Morrissey
Publicis Media
"The Business Model Company has developed two business changing models for Unilever. Innovative thinking, bespoke to our business needs and simply packaged in a way that has made it easy to implement in a business our size."
Aline Santos
GlSVP Global Marketing,
"The Business Model Company has shaped a stronger brand proposition and designed and developed new Business Models to allow us to engage in new and more profitable ways with our clients. Importantly they are a consultancy that doesn’t just stop at the theoretical, they have actively worked across our management teams to execute the thinking in-market."
Debbie Klein
Global CEO,
Engine Group
“We briefed The Business Model Company to design a new global marketing operations model for the future of our business. The team has done an amazing job, bringing us really smart, fresh thinking, based on facts and insights they extracted from our business. They are lovely people who always go the extra mile. We couldn’t do without them.“
Sara Currie
Senior Director,
"I have worked with The Business Model Company for many years and find them a valuable strategic partner. Helping us turn around and enhance subsidiary businesses, create value pricing models and facilitate development of new revenue streams are just some of the key reasons we continue to seek council from their team. We love working with them and always see bottom line benefits from our journey together. From a personal perspective as Chairman, I find invaluable their ability to totally get what we do and help de-clutter an often-complicated business structure, exacerbated by my own vision for the future of the media agencies in the Group. There is still work to do and I’ll be doing it with them at my side."
Peter Jones
Group Chairman,
Space & Time Media
"Working with The Business Model Company has had a significant impact by helping us to transition our business. We are facing massive disruption in our market and this programme really helped us to steer a determined course through troubled waters. We now have a clear, consistent and compelling market positioning, the business has been re-organised as a direct result of the findings of the commercial analysis. We are receiving a more positive reception from clients and prospects, an increasing number of cross-sell opportunities and growth across our largest accounts. We have also put in place new pricing approaches as we move towards more of a value-based proposition. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with The Business Model Company."
Richard Cornelius
Managing Director,
ORC International
"The Business Model Company have a great ability to identify the right people, empower them and then create the appropriate governance around them to ensure they succeed. It is quite an art and not everyone can actually do it. I would argue it's one of the most critical components of managing for change!"
Lee Broughton
Vice President, Global Brand Marketing,
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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